Thursday, April 4, 2013

Summer 2013 Courses- Field BIO+ART: Collaborative R.N.A. (Research in Nature and Art) and Natural History and Biological Art

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Field BIO+ART: Collaborative R.N.A. (Research in Nature and Art)
Course Description:
This course offers a hands-on, novel exploration of the integration of science, nature, and art. Through scientific methodology and art-making in the field, we will conduct research on ecological, behavioral, and morphological aspects of flora and fauna in their natural habitats. We will utilize the natural habitat as a studio/lab to develop innovative, experimental methods of biological inquiry and hybrid art and experimental art. We will take an unconventional approach by creatively combining various methods of field biology data collection and art-making to conduct novel, collaborative BIO+ART fusion research.

Natural History and Biological Art
Course Description:
This course provides an introduction to natural variation of biological forms of plants and animals through art and direct observation in the field. Through careful examination, illustration, microscopy, and some photography, we will examine anatomical, behavioral, and ecological similarities and differences between species. We will utilize various media but will focus on classical observation and drawing/painting techniques in the field.